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Your Certified Emissions Repair Center of Waukesha County

Emissions Repairs from Local Mechanics Specializing in the Trade

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

According to the Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program (WIVIP) motorists are strongly urged to have emissions repair work performed only by qualified mechanics who specialize in repairing emissions components. Most local auto repair shops in Waukesha do not specialize or even perform emissions repairs as repair and replacement of emissions components is highly complex.

Lake Country Auto Care DOES NOT perform Emissions Testing but we DO perform repair work for Emissions Test Failures. Only those who receive repair work from a certified emissions center after a failed emissions test may have cost waivers applied to the repair work performed.

Emissions Testing Sites in Waukesha County

Since Lake Country Auto Care doesn’t provide emissions testing, we’ve provided a directory of emissions testing facilities for locations near Pewaukee. Find the site closest to you and if you need any emissions repair work, come to Lake Country Auto Care. Get directions to Lake Country Auto Care here. Our auto service specialists provide honest pricing on repair work and get your vehicle ready to pass emissions testing.

Four Reasons Vehicle Emissions Are Tested

Lake Country Auto Care Only Performs Emissions Repairs, Not Actual Testing

The purpose for emissions repairs is purely environmental. An emissions test checks the level of pollutants being expelled from your vehicle. These gases, in high concentrations cause harmful effects to the environment when expelled.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires these gases to be monitored in an emissions test and repaired by qualified professionals if the event of test failure:

- Carbon dioxide: Believed to be a primary greenhouse gas leading to higher temperatures.

- Carbon monoxide: Highly toxic to people, this gas makes blood incapable of transporting oxygen to the body. In high concentrations this gas leads to harmful conditions such as hypoxia.

- Hydrocarbons: When mixed with the atmosphere creates smog. The long-term effects of smog lead to health issues such as lung damage and even cancer.

- Nitrogen oxide: Connected to the creation of acid rain, a form of environmental pollution damaging natural ecosystems

To prevent high concentrations of these compounds from entering the atmosphere, the EPA set forth the requirements for vehicles in Wisconsin to undergo emissions testing. If a vehicle being tested fails, this means the vehicle is expelling more pollutant gas into the atmosphere than approved. The vehicle will also need to make the necessary repairs in order to pass the emissions test. If your vehicle fails an emissions test at a designated emissions testing facility, come to Lake Country Auto Care to have your repairs done.

Lake Country Auto Care, based in Pewaukee, is a State Certified Emissions Repair Facility of Wisconsin. Staffed with a complete crew of local mechanics with over 30 years of trade experience, we are the most referred and recommended place to go for Waukesha County emissions repairs.

Contact our certified emissions repair center of Waukesha County today to request an emissions repair appointment.