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Lake Country Auto Care uniquely specializes in auto AC repairs for both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Our ASE-certified Pewaukee area mechanics use only high quality NAPA auto parts. All auto AC repair work we perform is backed by the NAPA Peace of Mind Guarantee, which certifies that the NAPA auto parts used and the service work performed will last at least 12 months or 12,000 miles. With a full team of certified Waukesha mechanics with over 30 years of experience, Lake Country Auto Care ensures your local auto repair service work gets done right the first time, every time.

Four Typical Car Air Conditioner Problems

Driving across Wisconsin in hot summer temperatures is always an issue when the air conditioning in your car isn’t working properly. You know the feeling – only semi-cool air blowing into your car or simply none at all. As the temperatures in your vehicle go up, your comfort level takes a plunge. The effect is the same, but the causes vary. Here are some typical problems resulting in vehicle air conditioning breakdown:

Air is only moderately blowing into the car: When this happens the air conditioning system is clogged. Key areas like the condenser could be filled with general road trash kicked up from the asphalt, like leaves, bugs, dust and dirt. Since the condenser cools the refrigerant leaving the compressor, when it gets clogged, none of this refrigerated, cold air makes it to the passengers in the car.

Moisture builds up in the A/C system: Just like clogging, if moisture gets into the air conditioner, it will prevent cold air from coming out as it should. Another problem caused by moisture is mold growth in the A/C system behind the dash. Foul odors enter the car from the bacteria and mold growing in the air conditioner and lead to passengers getting sick and suffering allergy-like effects. This is known as sick car syndrome.

Air is blowing, but not cold: If this happens, the refrigerant could be low. Over extended periods of no use, the refrigerant can dry up. If this happens, running the A/C system with a lack of refrigerant will reduce its capabilities.

Breakdown in the air conditioning: Several issues leading to a failure with your air conditioning are a result of a malfunction relating to the compressor. These breakdowns come specifically from a bad clutch, blown fuse, nonfunctional valves, or a cycling switch out of commission. A leak anywhere in the air conditioner can also be the culprit for A/C failure.

If your car is showing signs of any of these issues, come to Lake Country Auto Care, the finest car repair shop in Pewaukee. The sooner you come in, the less damage will be sustained and the smaller the expense for repairs.

Waukesha Area Auto AC Repair from Highly Experienced Local Mechanics

Our auto repair shop in Waukesha County is a Certified Auto AC Repair Center of Wisconsin. At Lake Country Auto Care in Pewaukee, we have a full team of ASE-certified mechanics who specialize in our 134A auto air conditioning repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. As a Certified Auto AC Repair Center of Wisconsin our Waukesha county mechanics must comply with federal EPA guidelines. Whether your AC is broken or just needs a boost, we’ve got the experienced, local mechanics to take care of you in the most efficient, affordable and friendly manner.

Lake Country Auto Care is based out of Pewaukee but serves all residents of Waukesha County and the greater Milwaukee area. So if you live in Hartland, Sussex, or anywhere else come to the auto repair shop delivering honest service at fair, affordable prices.

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