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Skilled Transmission Service from ASE-Certified Waukesha Mechanics

Your Local Auto Repair Shop in Pewaukee Provides Expert Transmission Repair, Adjustments and Replacements

Need skilled transmission service from trained mechanics who are reputable, industry professionals? Turn to Lake Country Auto Care. Our local auto repair shop in Pewaukee has a full team of ASE-certified Waukesha area mechanics who specialize in transmission repairs, adjustments and full replacements. We also provide transmission tune-ups, including transmission flushes. Lake Country Auto Care offers our skilled transmission service for a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles made between 1990 to present day.

At Lake Country Auto Care, our Waukesha mechanics begin by performing a series of basic and complex diagnostic testing. This detailed diagnostic series is engineered to properly identify any and all sources of vehicle distress relating to the transmission. From leaking transmission fluid to check engine lights, we expertly analyze everything.

Five Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

Don’t Risk Injury by Ignoring These Warnings

Your transmission keeps your vehicle moving at the speed you desire while seamlessly switching through the gears. When something happens to the transmission though, driving becomes hazardous. Knowing when something is wrong with your transmission can help you protect yourself from dangerous driving situations, like suddenly slowing down in an expressway. Here are some transmission issues to be on the look-out for:

Service Engine light turns on: The easiest sign to detect. If your service engine light turns on, this means you’re either about to have a car problem or one has already begun. This includes transmission issues. See an auto repair shop ASAP before your vehicle breaks down and you have an expensive repair on your hands.

Leaking fluid: Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) acts as a hydraulic fluid lubricating the transmission system in your vehicle. When this fluid runs low, or leaks out completely, your vehicle’s engine will stop working. If you see a puddle of red fluid on the ground beneath your car, you have a transmission fluid leak.

Grinding: If your vehicle shakes or grinds as it changes gears, you’ll want to have this checked out. For manual transmission vehicles, this grinding could mean the clutch needs to be replaced.

Noisy while in neutral: Could mean the transmission has worn out parts. These parts include the reverse idler gear, gear teeth or bearings. These can be inexpensive to replace. Stop by our auto shop for a full diagnostic too.

Slipping gears: This can be dangerous if you’re driving and your transmission switches to a higher or lower gear. Signs of this happening are your car slowing down while your engine revs up likes it’s going faster. This situation can lead to an accident and needs to be taken care of by an auto shop fast!

Is your muffler expelling gray exhaust smoke? This means your engine is burning up Automatic Transmission Fluid. If this is your vehicle, bring it in and be sure to get this checked out too.

If your vehicle is having trouble changing gears, if the car is shaking when it’s in neutral, if there is a grinding noise when you shift or if you’re experiencing similar issues, you may have transmission problems.

Honest, professional, and affordable service. This is what Lake Country Auto Care offers to Waukesha County residents. We’re physically located in Pewaukee but if you live in Brookfield, Hartland or Sussex come receive the best transmission repair your vehicle will ever receive at a fair and honest price. We serve ANYONE in the greater Milwaukee area, so come over to the most reliable auto repair shop in Wisconsin today.

If you suspect your transmission is failing or not performing like it should, contact our Waukesha transmission service mechanics to request a transmission service appointment.

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